Our Experts

Lisa Manzo

Lisa is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N), Personal Trainer (PTS), author of the book Healthy is Sexy, and wellness blogger. Her unwavering drive and passion led her to open PurEnergy Wellness Lofts in 2015, located in Toronto. PurEnergy is a boutique health & wellness club focused on personalized services to inspire and guide people on their personal heath journey. Their holistic approach heals the body through physical fitness and nutrition, while healing the soul by focusing on the spiritual.

Lisa is also a wife and a new mom. While she embraces many roles in her life, Lisa believes that each one plays a part in enabling her to fulfill a greater dream. She strongly believes in bringing every person she meets a positive and lasting experience. She is motivated and passionate about everything she does and sees helping others to live a healthy, holistic and happy life as her life mission.

Lisa enjoys running, spending time in nature, juicing, creating new healthy recipes and playing with her daughter in her free time.

Connect with Lisa:
Instagram: @wellness_preneur
Twitter: @lisamanzolisa
Facebook: Lisa Manzo
Website: www.lisamanzo.ca

Angela Sasso:

Angela is a personal trainer located in the heart of Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood. She is the author of The Flat Belly Diet Plan, an online weight loss and beauty program designed to help women look and feel their best, starting from the inside out. Her passion for fitness began over 20 years ago while she was an adolescent struggling with health and weight issues.

Angela has been a mixed martial arts instructor for over 10 years and has a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, participating in several fitness and bikini competitions. She loves to share her weight loss, beauty and health tips plus effective fat burning workouts and tips on her personal blog, The Slim Body System, and on BodyRock.TV.

Angela appreciates making the most of every moment, whether it is an energizing morning jog through the woods or going to the park to unwind while feeding the pigeons. Seeing the positive results in her clients and followers' lives inspires her everyday.

Connect with Angela:
Instagram: @angelasassofitness
Twitter: @AngelaSassoNUMA
Facebook: Angela Sasso Fitness
Website: www.theslimbodysystem.com

Faye Smith:

Faye is the owner and lead stylist at award-winning makeup and hair company, Faye Smith Makeup & Hair. Hailing from England, Faye established her company in the UK before bringing it to Vancouver, Canada, when Faye crossed the pond in 2009.

Faye is now an educator for beauty professionals, a cosmetic retailer and one of Vancouver's leading makeup and hair artists. Leading a team of 45 stylists is not an easy task but cool, calm and collected at all times, she makes it look like a breeze. Her love for people, making them look and feel great drives her everyday. She is passionate about sharing her beauty tips to help women feel their best.  

Faye's spare time is spent exploring wineries, enjoying good food, hiking and paddle-boarding in British Columbia's beautiful wilderness, and taking in warm weather with friends.

Connect with Faye:
Instagram: @fayesmithmakeup
Twitter: @FayeSmithMAKEUP
Facebook: Faye Smith Makeup & Hair
Website: www.fayesmithmakeup.com